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Office Space in Jacksonville, NC

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Price: $825,000
MLS Number: 100361663
Year Built: 1971
Listing Date: Dec 14, 2022
Price: $825,000
MLS Number: 100375122
Listing Date: Mar 16, 2023
Price: $850,000
MLS Number: 100285254
Listing Date: Aug 9, 2021
Price: $850,000
MLS Number: 100344773
Listing Date: Aug 17, 2022
Price: $895,000
MLS Number: 100385925
Listing Date: May 23, 2023
Price: $895,000
MLS Number: 100385961
Listing Date: May 23, 2023
Price: $895,000
MLS Number: 100410478
Year Built: 1967
Listing Date: Oct 31, 2022
Price: $950,000
MLS Number: 100292933
Year Built: 2006
Listing Date: Oct 1, 2021
Price: $950,000
MLS Number: 100345250
Year Built: 1963
Listing Date: Aug 19, 2022
Price: $950,000
MLS Number: 100370616
Year Built: 2012
Listing Date: Feb 22, 2023
Price: $950,000
MLS Number: 100427878
Year Built: 2012
Listing Date: Feb 16, 2024
Price: $995,000
MLS Number: 100351320
Year Built: 1985
Listing Date: Sep 27, 2022
Price: $995,000
MLS Number: 100430838
Year Built: 1975
Listing Date: Mar 1, 2024
Price: $1,000,000
MLS Number: 100430056
Listing Date: Feb 29, 2024
Price: $1,200,000
MLS Number: 100421328
Year Built: 2002
Listing Date: Jan 9, 2024
Price: $1,250,000
MLS Number: 100364171
Year Built: 2002
Listing Date: Jan 10, 2023
Price: $1,300,000
MLS Number: 100231045
Listing Date: Aug 11, 2020
Price: $1,300,000
MLS Number: 100362109
Listing Date: Dec 19, 2022
Price: $1,300,000
MLS Number: 100385102
Year Built: 2007
Listing Date: May 17, 2023
Price: $1,400,000
MLS Number: 100249202
Year Built: 1954
Listing Date: Dec 15, 2020
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Office Space in Jacksonville, NC

Ray Properties has a home office in Jacksonville, North Carolina and is known for its excellent quality and professionalism in the local business real estate industry. For more than 20 years, our company has been a top choice for businesses looking for office space in Jacksonville, NC or other parts of coastal North Carolina.

Due to our expertise of the regional real estate market, our company enjoys a great standing and achievement in the area.

Office Space In Jacksonville, NC

Ray Properties’ Expertise

When it comes to finding office space in coastal North Carolina, there are few real estate firms that can match the knowledge and expertise of Ray Properties. We have spent over two decades perfecting our skills in commercial property, and this devotion has yielded impressive results. Ray Properties is now recognized as a top-choice real estate firm in the region. One of the factors that distinguishes Ray Properties from all other real estate firms in the area is our focus on identifying properties with immense upside. Ray Properties are experts at identifying properties that meet specific criteria such as high growth potential, primier locations, strong local economies, and properties with attractive financing options. The company’s extensive knowledge of the coastal area and real estate market is a significant factor in our success.

Our company understands that coastal North Carolina is in constant transition as a result of many people moving to the area annually. As the population increases, so does the real estate industry. Consequently, Ray Properties has kept up with this demand as we have been able to meet the needs of businesses looking to move into the area to provied the goods and services that the growing population needs. Ray Properties’ entrepreneurial nature and custom solutions have enabled our firm to create meaningful value while meeting the needs of our clients.

With the increasing exposure to environmental conservation, many businesses are looking to lease or buy commercial properties that have sustainable and eco-friendly features. Ray Properties is at the forefront of these eco-friendly projects, as we help clients find green and sustainable properties to fit their needs. This is a crucial factor that has made Ray Properties an industry leader.


Successful Commercial Projects

Ray Properties participated in numerous successful real estate projects located in coastal North Carolina. As an example, Ray Properties helped with the creation of a booming shopping center located in Wilmington, which has numerous enterprises, including Harris Teeter, Sephora, Marshalls, and Kohl’s, to mention a few. Due to Ray Properties’ keen eye for potential, the shopping center was transformed to even greater heights and is now an ideal destination for commerce businesses.

Another successful project that Ray Properties helped establish was the Logistics Park in Brunswick County. This business destination is suitable for industrial companies, warehouses, and other logistics-oriented enterprises because of its extensive space. Ray Properties made sure that the infrastructure is of world-class quality with convenient rail and shipping access.

Office Space In Jacksonville, NC

You Can Trust Ray Properties

Ray Properties’ expertise in handling office space in Jacksonville, NC has facilitated several enterprises to move and take advantage of the area’s expanding business environment. The firm’s commitment to forging solid relationships with organizations and interested parties has aided in cultivating trust and guaranteeing reliability inside the property sector of the area.

With an comprehensive grasp of the coastal North Carolina commercial property scenario, our firm continues to assist enterprises in search of the ideal match for their business investment.

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